I thought what I am doing is right

So much has to be learned in terms of giving the right assessment, at first I thought assessment is all about giving out exams, tests and the like. These concepts are actually true but these are only a portion of the whole topic that I was studying.  It is more than giving tests and examinations, it is about improving students learning. Choosing the right tool to gauge student’s learning progress is very important.  You cannot simply use a these tools just because you are comfortable at it, just like students you should also learn to explore and gain experience for you to understand the concept.  What I learned initially from this course are the various types of assessment and its components, some of the terms were familiar to me but I never thought that it would have a different meaning. I just discovered that the assessment that I am providing to students are too limited to track their progress.  As an educator, if you really want to unleash the skills and capabilities of your students you should also try using other methods even for some it may not be comfortable at using those methods.  It was like your doing it beyond your comfort zone, and eventually you will have the passion and dream on what you want for your students.  There are ways far better and effective than the ones I am using or encountered.  Your work as an educator is really a serious job, a job that you have to put your dedication to.  As they say, you are the ones shaping the minds of future generation.


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