Assessing and being Assessed

It is simply to say that assessment is about giving grades and evaluation to students,  but it does not mean that what student receives is correct or appropriate to them.  For most us we are being assessed to develop multiple skills in which we can consider it both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.  Skills in which can be applied outside the school.  We might say that there are instances that we are not satisfied that way our teachers teaches the subject just because it should not be the way of how it should be taught.  Now that I am the one teaching the students, it just made me realized and feel that you have this sense of purpose that you do not only pass on the knowledge and teach what is based on the syllabus or lesson plan but the sense of what do you want for students.  The concept of responsibility is being nurtured.  I know for myself it is really hard to choose what kind of assessment must be given to students especially if it is not well planned.  And it does not mean that you have planned it well the outcome will be always as expected.  One of the important aspects of doing the assessment is communication, because even if the activities you give to students are well aligned it must be clear how this activities will help prepare students in able for them to perform well.  This will also help students understand your expectations and make better choices for learning.  As an education practitioner it is important to make sure students get to practice what you want them able to do.  Patience is the key, if you are not patient enough with your students then you will not get your expected results.  Poorly planned instruction will lead to poor performance of students which will make them incompetent and since they are incompetent, this will reflect on the society that they lived in.  A society that is not well developed means people are poorly trained.  For educators, trainers, learners, we are working in this kind of industry because we are properly compensated or because we are the boss in the classroom or because the work is not routinary unlike in the office, we are here because we want them to help here to improve our society and make the world easy to live in.  Patience and proper planning is very important in the field of education,  the kind of assessment that us educators must do should be based on what benefits the students will be getting from it and the impact if they will apply it in the real life situation.  Besides, students are in school because they wanted to have a good future, and if they want to achieve it lies in our hands.


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