This is what I will do…

Honestly, thinking of what type of assessment should I give to students is really difficult. There is something that what we want our students to achieve but there are instances that we do not know how to begin. It is best to say that if you will give an assessment you have to be sure that your students can make it or work on it. Assessing students is not just about checking if they have learned something from the theoretical aspects but it let’s you see if they can apply in real life situation what they have learned. It may not be the literal topic that is being discussed but rather the skills and strategies they have learned from the topic. Assessment of students should not only based on formative alone because we will never see if students really learn something from it. Using different approaches and strategies of gauging students performance would let them unleash their full potential. You have to be creative so that students will proactively engage in the discussion. Tracking the students progress is measured not by numbers alone but must be measured based on their judgement skills. Using all the possible avenues would help you achieve what you want for your students.

It is my second school year now in the academic industry, and looking at the concepts of assessment, there is still a lot of things to improve on my side. One thing to make teaching learning process become effective is if you have the complete materials needed for instruction. My point is even you have a very good plan for your students it does not mean you can execute a very good instruction. One thing that will make assessment more productive is simply your will and determination and creativity. If you really wanted to achieve something for your students, then you will do anything whatever it takes because your aim is to let students learn. Me as a practitioner in this industry you automatically knew what should be and should not be done. Yes it is easy to say but it is hard to do. But always keep in mind that for as long you are doing the right thing and practicing the highest standards in giving out assessment activities for your students then you can make a difference in influencing others.


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