How am I being assessed?

Taking the test is one of the most important things that I take enough preparation for me to pass the exam. My usual routine in doing the review prior to the exam is that I read several times the lesson, often times I do some memorization rather than analyzing so after the test, honestly I tend to forget the lesson that is being taught. During my time as a student I am actually after of the grade not the skills because for me that is the basis to get to the next level. Studying this topic made me realized that what I am doing is not correct. But my point is that my teachers, even if they are following the lesson what is in the book, there are only less application and more on theoretical based approach. Just to share with you, I really hate numbers and I do love more about history and computer technology lessons. So maybe that is the reason why I have a different approach on studying the subjects. For mathematics, in order for me the understand how it was solve, my technique is looking at the pattern on how it was answered because I understand it more rather than analyzing the information given.

I have experienced taking almost all types of assessment but the type of assessment that I love most is the multiple choice type of question, aside you will not be having a hard time to answer the questions, there are hints that really makes remember that is the correct answer. Another is that when there is a question that you do not know the answer, you simply choose an answer on your first instinct and have a 50% chance of answering the correct answer. But of course it is not a good practice because it does not really measure your learning. My view on the use of multiple choice is by means of a trial and error concept and you only use guessing as last resort. What I hate most is the problem solving, it is because the teacher can simply give out different scenarios that was not actually discussed in the lesson even if they are pointing out that the thought is there. It was just really frustrating whenever you will see the problem and realized that this is not the same type of problem that was discussed. However, the reality is that not all the situations can be taught because the purpose is not just problem solving skills but developing my critical thinking and analytical skills.

If I prefer to give out assessments to students I would use an assessment that would make students understand the topic which is for me giving out non-traditional assessment then giving our traditional assessment. As to my experience as a student the type of assessment that was given to me was more of traditional assessment which in my opinion is really not enough. A mix of this approach will really help me achieve the desired learning outcomes of my students. I know it would be a very tedious task to prepare the test but it is really worth working at. Based on my experience now working at the academe I can still say the the use of traditional assessments still poise a threat to students especially if it is not used properly. Just like in the multiple choice test you can really observe that students can answer the question faster because they only choose and does not require to do much analysis unlike with other types of assessment. Educators and teachers like us must be more creative in doing assessment because still this is the best avenue to measure students learning whether it maybe in a form of formative assessment of summative assessment.

What I have realized on this use of assessment is that there is a lot of ways for use to become good creators and users of these types of assessment. It is very important not only to students but also to teacher who acts as provider of knowledge and at the same time as coach and facilitators to learners. It has change my view that order to uplift the quality of education here in the Philippines there should really a strong sense of discipline and commitment in the objective and achieving student learning outcomes. That assessment in reality is not an easy task because it lies how did students learn from your lesson. It has come to my realization that I should be giving out a type of assessment that would make them really learn and apply it in a real-life situation not just only a study that is limited in the four walls of the classroom. And not just for the student but something that would make change the society look into how learners are shaped in school and become productive citizens and partners for progress.


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