The Relationship between Assessment and Feedback

The concept of assessment has been viewed in many aspects, and there has so much to learn about its usage. Even me who already working in the academe cannot say that I am already good doing assessment with my students. It has come to my realization that not all the assessment that has given to me by my teacher is correct. The same goes in providing feedback, and the reason many professionals in the academe are saying that teaching is not just a job but its a calling that you are meant to provide knowledge to students. Provide should and as much as possible no bias and most importantly as serious as possible.

An effective assessment uses direct evidence of student learning, assessment is a critical part of a programs success and being effective is not just about giving out test that is in line with the lessons taught but concentrating on learning goals on the course or program. I can say that this concept is a form of an action research because it is putting the theories you have taught in practice through your students, this measures how much students learned from you. One of the most important things to consider in doing assessment is what type of assessment must be provided to students, where in it should depend on the level or progress of learning of students. Next thing to consider is how often you should do assessment of students and when should you do the assessment. Many studies made have different recommendations and how assessment on students must be done, so for me it is a matter of good analyzation. Another thing, assessment is most effective when it reflects an understanding of learning and multidimensional, integrated and revealed in performance overtime. This is a complex process because it does not only measure what students know but of course what they can do. This involves not just knowledge but values and attitudes. It is about academic success and performance outside the classroom.

The feedback should be part of the assessment design which helps build learning experience and grading. It should be constructive as this will make students motivated and developing their self-esteem as learners. It is important that feedback is timely so students will able to use it in their subsequent learning. Next feedback must be prompt so that students can recall what they did. Feedback should be justified which means it must clear and based on stated criteria and standards. It must be supportive of learning as this will improve student’s performance and continuous progress. Feedback must be focused, meaning focused only on achievement and not on students effort. Then it should be expressed in terms of the learning outcomes so that students can relate their assessment to the learning outcomes. Feedback should consequential where in students are also engaged in attending feedback as part of their grading. Feedback should be focused on independence, which means students learns how to assess their own work and developing their critical reflection and self assessment. Feedback should be efficient and it is not editing, spell checking or grammar-checking which means the students are the one who will edit their own work based on the feedback about the areas of improvement or needs to be done.

Based on my experience as a teacher, the concept of providing feedback requires long patience, you really cannot avoid students asking about their status in their activity, like for example creating a strategy paper, this kind of activity would need a lot of time because you have to track students progress on finishing the paper just to make sure that results that they will provide is correct. Even if you have taught this inside the classroom many times there is still no assurance that they will get what you wanted them to do, and that is when feedback becomes useful, and I agree that it is really not about the grammar correction and spelling but it is the content that makes it very important because that is the important information that you want students to get. Explaining and giving additional advice and input is also part of the feedback. It should not only revolve around the comments and giving critique, feedback is about giving out recommendations and as future reference if in case they will be encountering the same situation again. Feedback is teaching the right thing to do.


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