Satisfaction at its best

Carvings 1

     Every person craves for something that can satisfy his needs.  They are always in search of the things that can possibly ease his cravings. Because of that he neglects the things he has, because he wants more.  Just like in life, we all actually have what we NEED to live our life and we actually put on the place where we can stand still, but we stick to the ideas of chasing what we WANT and where we want to be placed upon.  Sometimes it might be beneficial but most of the time it can lead to destruction.  That simple craving might lead to addiction, and to satisfy that addiction they tend to do other things that can interrupt to the achievement of satisfaction.  To prevent all of that, a person always need a sense of contentment that can control and balance his well-being.


     Some say, “Money is the root of all evil” and “Money makes the world go around”.  But is that so?  Actually it has nothing to do with being evil.  Money can’t do anything, unless used by someone. It is the mind of the person that is thinking.  It is in his control wherever he will use it.  There are only two option, to use it for the right purpose or for the wrong one.  People crave for money, and they found satisfaction in having much, much of what they needed.  Much more than anybody has.  That great thirst pushed him to do everything, not knowing that he had already harmed and stepped into other person’s lives.

Abuse of power

     For others, having power is their temporary high.  Being in the position and having the power to control those who are inferior to them satisfy the craving they feel.  They also want the feeling of being looked up to while they are happy looking down others.  For them the higher the position, the greater the power they may have. In order for them to move in the higher level of the ladder, they must first remove the one standing there or the other one who is also aspiring for the higher level. They play the game of life patterned to a chess game, they considered themselves the king and use the other chess pieces to protect his life.  The last king standing wins the game, and for him it must always be him.

craving     All people crave for something.  We can always try to have a taste of it sometimes, but always make sure you only take the right amount.  Too much is always bad. Don’t let a simple craving lead to addiction.  Arm yourself with discipline.  And always remember contentment is the key to happy life.


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