Fear: Your Uninvited Guest


There is a fellow who lives with you day and night. He sleeps with you, he wakes up with you.  He goes to office with you.  He eats with you.  He travels with you.  Possibly he is sitting with you even now as you read this blog.  Look around and see if he is there.  In the evening when you lose yourself in some beautiful park or in a swimming pool for a while, you temporarily forget this fellow.  But all of a sudden when you look around, you again find this fellow at your side.

Can you imagine this fellow which is your constant companion all day long?  It is none other than “FEAR”.  You have given him so much power that he has now become your master and enjoys full authority over you.  You, like a puppet, move around him as a subordinate moves around his Boss, inspite of the fact that you hate him and want to get rid of him.

Fear is one of the greatest enemies which robs us of all our joy, contentment and peace.  Fear gradually eats us and practically converts us into a slave.  Our worries and fears about the future prevent us from experiencing the joy and happiness which exist here right now.  We must conquer our fears if we are to enjoy life to the fullest. Our search for fulfillment in our life can be successful only to the extent that we understand and overcome our fears.


Fear swallows us and finally destroys us like a dragon

What is this dragon called fear? Fear is really the anticipation of loss or harm to one’s sense of ‘I-ness’ or ego.  The loss or harm may be physical but more often it is psychological. It may involve the person himself or the other persons or objects to whom he is emotionally attached and identified such as his family, friends, house, car, job, name, fame, etc.  So fears are tied with perceived uncertainties associated with loss, agony or pain.

Credits to M.K. Gupta of the Nuclear Science Center, J.N.U Capmus, New Delhi for this article

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