Stairway to hell


Studies shows that almost seventy percent of our world’s population are poor. We don’t need statistics to back it up because we already knew by simply looking at those people around us who are living under the bridge or a wooden pushcart, those who wear rag clothes in the street begging us to give them alms. Life for them is a living hell, of course no one like to be like that, though there are those who seem to fall from it without even realizing that the path their going is a stairway to hell.

People living in a hell’s life have similarities. If we interview those street children their stories will be the same: their parents don’t have a job or were separated, and that their mom and dad were always drunk, spending all their income on gambling, smoking cigarette like a chimney and they have seven to eleven siblings.  All of the earnings of those street children which is not even enough for them to buy food is given to their parents just to spend in gambling, buying cigarette and liquor and if worse, even illegal drugs. The worst part is that even those poor children are trying to learn how to smoke at the very young age not knowing that their committing the same mistakes that their parents did. To fall from the stairway to hell.

Those less privileged people might have done that due to lack of knowledge regarding the side effects of nicotine, illegal drugs, and liquor inside their body. They are also unaware that those are addictive substances that will make them to ask for more while continuously using it. Once they’ve hook themselves it would be hard for them to stop it and instead of using it two to three times a week, those dosage will become higher until you finally embrace it as part of your basic necessities. As a result, it will only generate extra expenses until they finally drown themselves in the quicksand that they created. I met a lot of people consume one to two packs of cigarette a day. It means that they spend to much on vices until the dosage is already high and it won’t give them any effect. Like the others, they started to smoke a few sticks per week. When they were asked why can’t they stop it, they said that they regretted trying but it’s too late for them to stop. A few hours without a cigarette will be hell for them as if they’re a fish out of water.

Started with curiosity until it became a habit which is now hard for them to remove. May we learn how to say no to those vices that could give us no good. Vices could not only ruin our health, it can also generate extra expense to those who are using it.


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