Learning is a Lifelong Process


Learning will never stop as the world itself

Learning is about how you gather information, how you acquire knowledge and the curiosity on how things works. It is a continuous process and application of knowledge that has been acquired. People may acquire it through experiences and transfer the knowledge from one person, society or generation to another for the purposes of development and improvement of our lives making our place a better place to live in.

Some would say that learning comes in the form of facts, scientific, and empirical data, while some would argue that it could also be in the form of life experiences. Whether it be one or the other, or a combination of both, one thing is for sure. Learning is a continuous process – a lifelong journey necessary for one’s growth and development as a person.

Learning differs in many ways, it may differ on how we interpret the information, how we apply the information and how we understand it. That is why there is a saying we learn from mistakes and from mistakes we became a better person. Learning, as a continuous and lifelong process, is present in all facets of life, at all times, and in all places. Even outside institutions, we continue to learn, even through small, mundane things. These learnings, in turn, would contribute to us in our growth and development as a person.

We have to remember that learning is something that we will make us become good observers, critical thinkers and contributors for us to adapt to the ever changing society. It is not all about studying, being taught, and acquisition of skills through experience it is about learning what life is. It boils down to a common idea – learning means to acquire something new either by facts or via experience.

We learn based on varying sources that we have in life, in our surroundings and our experiences. We learn because we still do not know. We learn via process, stages or continuous cycle of knowing new things and discovering facts and information. We learn because we live. We live because we learn. Overall, learning is a lifelong process of acquiring new knowledge with the use of facts and experience that lead us to our growth and development.