Teacher Professionalism

Professionalism includes one’s work behavior and attitudes in performing the highest standards and improving the service quality. Professionalization is related to “promoting the material and ideal interests of an occupational group” (Goodson, 2000, 182) so it includes “the attempt to gain professional associated with professions” (Whitty, 2000). Teacher professionalism for me is fulfilling your duties to students and stakeholders with the highest ethical standards. It serves as role model and provider of quality education to students.They are also the guardians of education that serves as voices for educational improvement and development. While the traditional definition of teacher professionalism as stated by Whitty & Wisby (2006) and Sachs(2003) as cited by Demirkasimoglu (2010) are “qualifications and acquired capacities, and what competence is required for the successful exercise of an occupation” and “teacher professionalism can be interpreted as an attempt to revitalize the concept in a rapidly changing work environment. He considers the teacher professionalism issue as a social and political strategy to promote the status of teaching profession.” Upon studying the resources I can say that the way I understand teacher professionalism has similarities at some point as what the researchers mentioned.

We all agree that teacher professionalism reflects a positive attitude towards teacher professionalism and identifies the term as the best and highest standards for teachers (Phelps, 2006). Being professional requires best practice and expert in some skills and knowledge (Baggini, 2005). The kind of professional teacher that I wanted to be is someone who is being entrusted by students, a teacher who is welcomes them to participate in the life of the classroom. One that can fully work with my colleagues to meet the individual needs of my students. A teacher who can put my heart and soul into work and wanted to let each of my students have a wonderful learning experience in my classroom. And lastly a professional teacher who can make students create the world of tomorrow.


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