Students Behavior While Learning


Behavior 05/16/17

Students behavior in classroom affect how much and well they learn. One student can interrupt all students in learning. And with regard to this, it is the teacher’s duty to manage the classroom in order to reinforce learning. Teachers may use different ways such as rewards and punishments. For some they will make lesson plan that will involve students to help them learn effectively.

People learn behavior by watching or imitating others just like students, they tend do follow what they see from their peers, classmates and even teachers. There are a lot of behaviors that detract from learning which may include talking with seatmates, going out of the room without permission or not paying attention to the lesson. These are the most common problems a teacher usually encounter and the need to figure out how to change the behavior is a challenge that needs to be addressed. Finding a way to encourage students to follow a pattern of desired behavior and to use them repeatedly so that students will be focused on the lesson.

For many if not some students responds on receiving rewards for showing good attitude. From my experience, students learn if they get something they want if they behave in a certain way. It also prevents students from constantly using desired behavior that promotes learning.

For many if not some students also responds on punishment. Students stops from their negative behaviors if they know they will face punishment for breaking the rules. The most common type of punishment is like providing additional work or sent to the principals office for detention.

An acceptable classroom behavior should be reinforced that is close to the real life. In reality we don’t always give reward or punishment just to behave. It is important that they need to learn in a natural way. All academic institutions have rules and many of those rules has effect on student behavior and learning. It is very important that as educators we need to gain support from parents, colleagues and even the community and set a good example and let students learn to practice proper behavior.


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