Students Behavior That You May Notice In a Typical Classroom

Being an instructor in college for 2 years now I have observed challenging behaviors that my students show in my class during a typical school term and here are some of the behaviors that I observe that you might find interesting:

1. The attention-seeking students

I have a student, whom I can was really good in academics so no wonder why in every discussion this student wants to be heard….often. Though at times they don’t something of substance to add. For me it is important to have a balance discussion so that students will feel comfortable during conversation. What I do in order to make discussion not limited to few, I call on less-responsive students first, in addition to this I also adapt a community in the classroom and to this, it increases student participation to speak up.

2. The absentminded or dreamy student

There are students who drift on their own thoughts, look at their mobile phones, look outside the window or even talk with classmates while I am doing the lecture. And because students may get distracted if they are challenged or not challenged enough, what I do is to do group work or seat work and then ask several students including those who are inattentive to share their answers. Another thing that I do is changing seating arrangements if needed and let those inattentive student to seat front than on the back seat. Of course if a student continues to misbehave then I speak to them one on one and ask about their lack of attention.

3. Students who are not prepared

Students make a habit of skipping the reading, listening or working with assignments that you have intended as part of pre-class work. What I do is I set expectations on class and usually is is indicated in the syllabus. I also reinforce of coming to class prepared.

4. Disrespectful Student

I encounter a lot of this kind of student. Students disrespects time by coming in to class late, feelings, and even thoughts of you and their fellow students. And their rude behavior has a negative impact on the entire class. What I do is that I always have with me a student handbook, many institutions have policies that outline appropriate classroom behavior and require all students to follow these guidelines or else they may face consequences.

From time to time, you can’t predict the specific behavioral issues you will need to address in your class. You may experience disruptions and problems. So it is wise to be familiar with ways to manage disruptions and other classroom behavior issues before they occur.


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