The Importance of Technology in Education

The use of technology in teaching is of great importance especially today because of information and communication technologies. Teachers and students see the advantage of technology in education in many ways, however the question lies if the schools and the teachers are ready to use technology in education and if they are aware of its benefits. And to further understand the reasons why technology is important let look at this following reasons. First, students want it and need it. Today more than ever, students are constantly engaging outside the classroom with of course the use the technology and we can obviously observe that it has become part of their life style. Second teachers are needing it as well, for me who has experience working the academe, technology is considered a necessity for the learning environment. Kids/Students are now considered native of digital technology. As based on my observation the children nowadays are knows technology better than the adults. The use of technology has become the easiest way to learn. The use of technology in the classroom has not only helped them better but these kids learn to do multi tasking skills. Fourth is that with the use of technology there is no limit. The way access information shall we say the use of internet has given students many ways to learn a concept. Teachers and students has become more creative in ways to understand the lesson or teach the lesson and engagement. With the use of technology, these kids can slow down and go back over lessons and concepts or advance as well. Fifth is that it makes learning resources richer and complex. The use of computers, phones and other forms of technology keeps students engaged with exciting features. Since each kid learns differently, the use of technology helps narrow the gap of these kids. Lastly technology is necessary to succeed not only with the school but outside the school also. These days technology means more than just learning basic computing skills. The use of technology has made part of every aspect of our life.

Citing an information from, the presence of educational technology is growing in the classroom. The new generation of kids come ready to work with these new technologies in which it play a very important role in the children’s learning and development. The teachers and educators have been using technologies in the classroom. Still there are questions being raised with regards to the use of technology in whether teachers needs to be trained to keep them with technologies and whether schools are equipped with sufficient modern technical means. Still there is a lot of studies that is needed to conduct and what we need is to look for better strategies to apply technology in teaching.


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