Becoming An Effective Teacher

Efective Teaching

I would like to tell you about my first teaching experience. It was June of 2015 and I was assigned to teach college students based on my qualifications. I had to teach Financial Management, Capital Markets Management and Investment and Portfolio Management. It was very challenging and exciting. To tell you honestly I had no experience of classroom teaching because my work experience was in a corporate setting where I use to work with only few people or even alone. And since these are college students, I was little worried on how will I able to perform my job as college instructor. The college had in-service training for us newly hired teachers but for me it is not what I am expecting as it is to short, I thought it will take a month of training just like in the corporate sector do. Even though it is only three days, I attended the workshops punctually , took notes and read the manuals provided. But despite of that I felt that I am not well prepared. My lack of confidence was pretty natural but at that moment I am scared that I do not know how to face my students.

But anyway, the first day of class came and I had no choice but to go on. I introduced myself, asked my students to introduce themselves and proceed with the lesson. Luckily it was an activity session so I did not need to do much. Aside from that the students are well prepared as they have finished their accounting course. The first day was a success.

As months went by I found teaching in college more and more easy. All I had to do was to go to the class and do accounting computations on the board. I feel more comfortable with both teachers and students. An exposure was even given to me when one of my co-teachers is absent. I was able to see the attitude of some students towards teachers and felt respected. I felt very nervous at first but then I controlled it and move on with my lesson.

One day we were doing math of investment. I used to do them in a different one that I had learned back in my college days. They have a recommended textbook, I tried to solve the first problem using the information provided and it was not easy. I had to step back and think before the solution came to me. And for my students, no one showed any sign of impatience in the meantime.

I was on the middle of writing and explaining my solution when someone from the class politely ask for a clarification. It actually hit me because I was doing the problem in a different method, but in a surprise they find it easier than following what is indicated in the book. There is a sign of relief that at least my strategy of teaching is working. I just simply think of placing my situation on these students and asking myself what could be the best way for them to learn this lesson easily.

I didn’t have trouble with my class. It was very comforting that at least there is a class in which I could ace.

I also tried to give some additional resources on advance lessons, especially to students who would stay after the class or come to my consulting hours.

My faculty evaluation performance was mixed. There are complaints that my voice was not that loud enough to hear by the entire class, some comments say that I was to considerate and I should give sanctions to students who are not obeying in class. Others would say that I should speak Tagalog (Filipino Language) at some point than full English language as they are quite having difficulty understanding the lesson.

I learned a lot about teaching after this course. On my point of view teaching is like performing in front of an audience. I could say that no amount of reading or workshops will prepare me for the challenge. You really get better through constant practice.

I had learn a lot of things about the school and the amount of work the teachers need in order to carry out a class. Teachers need to ensure that their students learn the concepts and principles taught in class so that all your stated objectives will be achieved.


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