The Way Teachers Construct Test Questions and Answers


Test Construction

For most of us, we may think of exam as a way to test the students after a lesson has been taught to them. But exams do actually serve more than one purpose and we should be aware of why we are testing students and what exactly we want to help students achieve their study outcomes.

The following tips will help you address the issues about creating test questions that is from planning to reflection. We have to bear in mind that exams can be conducted effectively in whatever situation or set up it may be.

The first step in constructing an effective test, we must first identify what you want students learn from a unit of instruction. As teachers we have to consider the relative importance of the objectives and include questions about the most important learing objectives. The next step is that once we have identified the important learning objectives, it is time to identify the type of questions what form of test to use. Then finally review the test. See to it if the instructions are straightforward or if the selected learning objectives represented appropriately proportioned. Check if questions are carefully and clearly worded. Poorly constructed questions may actually measure not knowledge, but test-taking ability.

The construction of test questions gives as an objective of want we want to assess. There are a lot of ways on how we should assess students. First is you can either directly test knowledge or you can gear exam questions to test students’ application of material taught in class. You can also test students’ reasoning skills, communications skills, the ability to draw a single conclusion

Evaluating examination result can help use identify the concepts and methods that students are having difficulty with as well as concepts and methods that were well understood. The information gathered from this will change how we teach on the remainder of the term, check for improvement on specific topics or methods over a term, redesign the course or the examination for future classes and assess our teaching practice.

Carefully constructed test can make you confident that test will provide useful information about the students’ knowledge of the learning objectives. The scores of the tests can a useful supplement to the overall socre as they can help you identify specific areas which may need attention. A carefully constructed test can, by helping you know what your students are learning, it helps you teach more effectively and, ultimately, help you teach more effectively and, ultimately, help students to master more of the subjects.


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