Being Creative and Not Creative



People are not born with great talents but being creative is part of being human. Some of us have experienced struggling on how they can be creative in a certain aspect. Being creative is a need we all have and it must must fulfilled for us to find engagement and of course relationship in our lives.

I feel that in each one of us there is a bit of creativity. This manifest in one’s humor and even profession. For many if not most of us do not recognize it in its infancy and thus don’t nurture it enough. But if we train ourselves in the specific act that catches our expertise, then we can be creative. Being creative is an individualistic way of looking at mundane things. Whether it gets appreciated by people around you.

Deep down inside we have a different view and yet very few of us actually stand up and express what we have. Our experiences, then, are a kind of base from which we can draw our connections and the source from which we can empathize with others. Creativity is not only about outputs, but also inputs and arranging our inputs by incorporating our experiences makes become more creative. If we want to be creative then we have to be motivated because being creative takes time and thus getting better and better as you practice it.

One simple way is just to keep reminding ourselves to approach most moments in our life with curiosity. We should consistently reset our attitudes towards convention. That is, simply repeat to ourselves that the way things have always been done is not necessarily the way we always have to be done.

Stop, drop and study. Dig into the facts and materials you to work with. Then, and only then, see if the bigger and better ideas come.The right attitude for developing a creative lifestyle is a willingness to take risks, a willingness to fail, a willingness to be different, a willingness to stand out, a willingness to question, a willingness to laugh at one self.



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