Teaching as a Profession, Mission and Vocation

Huge shifts have been occurring in education that are continuing to impact teaching and learning today. Some changes are positive, such as our nation’s record high school graduation rate, narrowing achievement gaps, and a greater number of students. But all types of change—particularly those that have the potential to yield the most positive outcomes—can be…Read more Teaching as a Profession, Mission and Vocation


Being Creative and Not Creative

  People are not born with great talents but being creative is part of being human. Some of us have experienced struggling on how they can be creative in a certain aspect. Being creative is a need we all have and it must must fulfilled for us to find engagement and of course relationship in…Read more Being Creative and Not Creative

How Professional Development Benefits Teachers

  Professional Development is a continues process throughout a professional's career. You may have finished your degree and that your job is all lined up. But do not simply sit back and or be contented because you may not notice you will be lagging behind your colleagues even for professionals with many years experience in…Read more How Professional Development Benefits Teachers

The Importance of Technology in Education

The use of technology in teaching is of great importance especially today because of information and communication technologies. Teachers and students see the advantage of technology in education in many ways, however the question lies if the schools and the teachers are ready to use technology in education and if they are aware of its…Read more The Importance of Technology in Education

Teacher Professionalism

Professionalism includes one's work behavior and attitudes in performing the highest standards and improving the service quality. Professionalization is related to “promoting the material and ideal interests of an occupational group" (Goodson, 2000, 182) so it includes “the attempt to gain professional associated with professions” (Whitty, 2000). Teacher professionalism for me is fulfilling your duties…Read more Teacher Professionalism