Teacher Professionalism

Professionalism includes one's work behavior and attitudes in performing the highest standards and improving the service quality. Professionalization is related to “promoting the material and ideal interests of an occupational group" (Goodson, 2000, 182) so it includes “the attempt to gain professional associated with professions” (Whitty, 2000). Teacher professionalism for me is fulfilling your duties…Read more Teacher Professionalism


The Relationship between Assessment and Feedback

The concept of assessment has been viewed in many aspects, and there has so much to learn about its usage. Even me who already working in the academe cannot say that I am already good doing assessment with my students. It has come to my realization that not all the assessment that has given to…Read more The Relationship between Assessment and Feedback

How am I being assessed?

Taking the test is one of the most important things that I take enough preparation for me to pass the exam. My usual routine in doing the review prior to the exam is that I read several times the lesson, often times I do some memorization rather than analyzing so after the test, honestly I…Read more How am I being assessed?